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We are a heart centred community, consciously co-creating, raising the vibration of Humanity, Mother Earth and the Collective. Our intention is to empower thousands to create transformation in their life, achieving physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.
Together, through Quantum Co-Creation, pioneering a new way of being, sharing the Healy love, we are creating great impact.
We are calling in passion and purpose-driven, visionary souls, to join our community, in Quantum Co-Creation.

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Nicole Shakti Love -Energy Practitioner, Paradigm Shifter, WayShower Of The New Earth, Founder of Quantum Co-Creators.
Weaving Healy into my works, I've literally transformed my life, and many others, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially.
Honouring the call of my soul, I'm now on a mission to create an even greater impact, inspiring others to transform their own lives on all levels and layers. Now calling in more visionary, heart-centred conscious souls to co-create The New Earth.
Dr Toni Fountain -Chiropractor.
Why we embraced Healy as a Business! We had been looking for opportunities to create residual income, but until Healy, we hadn’t found the right balance, that not only had the potential to bring in a generous income but wasn’t all-consuming so we could do it alongside our jobs & also aligned with our values. We love that we can help others by supporting a company with integrity, that is community focused & has a vision for making a difference in the world. We are excited to be partnering with Healyworld, a company that is on the cutting edge of new technologies, promoting Health & Well-being through frequencies, to support medicine of the future!

Joanne Farrell -Wellness & Life Transformation Mentor, Kinesiologist, Energy Frequency Practitioner.
"I was suffering constant fatigue for over 3 years due to Hashimoto's. I started using the Healy hormone, thyroid and gold programs on a regular basis.  After a couple of months, I found myself one day sprinting down the beach like I hadn't done in over a decade!  I suddenly had so much more energy and felt more positive because I was able to exercise again and get natural endorphins to boost my energy and mood. 
I now use the Healy for daily detox, brain concentration programs for work and research, the fitness programs for muscle tone and optimising my fitness regime, and hormones for physiology balance. I love the positive mindset and energy clearing programs. There's so much in it for any issue you. Every family should have one in their home!"



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